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Upcoming events

    • 08/03/2024
    • 8:00 AM
    • Wellington Square (Wittenoom Street side) East Perth

    On 20 December 2023, the ABC sacked radio presenter Antoinette Lattouf for posting on social media about Palestine.

    Lattouf has filed an application to the Fair Work Commission alleging unfair dismissal and discrimination on the basis of race and political opinion. Her next hearing is 8 March, International Women's Day.

    Join us at rallies across the continent to show your solidarity with Antoinette and the many other workers at the ABC who have been intimidated and silenced when they try to tell the truth about Palestine.

    This rally has been called by MEAA Members for Palestine, a rank-and-file group that has come together to advocate for Palestine in every section of the MEAA. We stand with workers in all industries who stand up against genocide.

    Friday 8 March, 8:00 am

    Wellington Square on the Wittenoom Street side, East Perth

    Stay tuned for updates, endorsees and speakers!

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    • 10/03/2024
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Forrest Place, Perth

    Rafah is under attack! Israel has surrounded 1.5 million Palestinians, who have sought refuge in Rafah after having their homes destroyed during four months of relentless bombing.

    Since October 7, Israeli has killed 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza, two-thirds of them women and children, and injured 70,000 more.

    Now half a million Palestinians, cut off from essential food supplies, are on the verge of starvation.

    This humanitarian catastrophe is compounded by the suspension of funding to UNRWA - the United Nations aid agency in Palestine - by the Australian, US, UK and several European governments.

    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened a ground invasion by the beginning of Ramadan, on March 10, that threatens to kill tens of thousands more.

    Amidst this horror, a global movement has arisen to demand an end to Western government support for Israel.

    Join us to be a part of this global movement as we call on the Australian government to:
    - end its support for Israel’s genocidal war
    - cease all trade and diplomatic ties with apartheid Israel
    - restore UNRWA humanitarian aid funding
    - advocate for an arms embargo against Israel.

    We will rally at 11am and march at 12 noon through Perth Streets.
    We remind everyone that the struggle for a free Palestine is an anti-racist struggle. We condemn and oppose all forms of racism, including anti-semitism and Islamophobia. Ours is a struggle against the state of Israel, not against Jewish people, many of whom oppose Zionism, and who have a long history of being part of our movement for a free Palestine.

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Past events

02/03/2024 Palestinian Community Fundraiser for Gaza
02/03/2024 Solidarity for Palestine - Perth Multicultural Community
01/03/2024 National Student Strike for Palestine - Perth
29/02/2024 Palestine: The Real Story
24/02/2024 Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage - Perth
17/02/2024 Cancelled - Stop the Massacre in Rafah NOW
16/02/2024 EMERGENCY PROTEST: Save Rafah. Stop the Genocide.
10/02/2024 From the River to the Sea - Freo Stands with Palestine
03/02/2024 * Urgent update - CANCELLED! No Money for Genocide - Protest Boycott March (Perth)
28/01/2024 No Pride in Genocide - Indigenous Palestinian Solidarity Protest
14/01/2024 Stop The Genocide In Gaza - Global Day of Action - Perth
07/01/2024 Stop The Genocide In Gaza - Sunday 7th January 2024
11/12/2023 Stop Israel's War on Palestine - organising meetings
10/12/2023 Perth March for Palestine
04/12/2023 Stop Israel's War on Palestine - organising meetings
03/12/2023 Stop the Genocide in Gaza - Perth Mega March
23/11/2023 Public Forum: Israel's war on Palestine
20/11/2023 Stop Israel's War on Palestine - organising meetings
19/11/2023 Rally for Palestine - Stop the Genocide in Gaza!
16/11/2023 Vigil: Mourn the Lives Lost to the Genocide in Gaza
13/11/2023 Stop Israel's War on Palestine - organising meetings
11/11/2023 Protest: Stop the Genocide in Gaza - Free Palestine
06/11/2023 Stop Israel's War on Palestine - organising meetings
05/11/2023 Protest: Stop the Genocide in Gaza - Free Palestine
16/10/2023 Stop Israel's War on Palestine - organising meetings
13/10/2023 Rally for Palestine - no war on Gaza!
15/07/2023 Rally for Palestine
13/05/2023 Rally for Palestine
05/05/2023 Film screening: Tantura
14/05/2021 Vigil for Palestine
22/06/2020 Online lanuch of Joint Statment on Antisemitism
13/06/2020 Black Lives Matter
08/03/2020 Palestinian Threads and Stitches

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